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     When Allison Cousins first began selling her bleu cheese salad dressing at the farmers market in Mandeville, LA in 2002, she was not planning to make it a full-time job. She was just trying to help support her family. She originally began selling produce from her father's farm, but Allison eventually decided to make the bleu cheese salad dressing to sell along with the fresh vegetables at the weekend farmer's market. When the finances got tight and the bleu cheese dressing became too expensive to produce, Allison got creative and turned to the fresh Creole tomatoes and peppers that she brought home from her father's farm. With a bit of magic in her home kitchen, she created the now famous Creole Tomato Salad Dressing. In the summer of 2005, after a few years of devoting all of their time to producing and selling their three salad dressings, Allison and Jack Cousins formed Cousins Products, LLC. and began selling their product to grocery stores. Today, Cousins Products salad dressings and salsa can be found in stores across Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.

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