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Grilled Chicken & Zucchini Noodle Pasta with Cousins Creole Tomato

Updated: May 13, 2020

This delicious and easy recipe is light, yet filling. Also, This recipes is KETO friendly! Read Below to get the details on how we whipped this up in just

25 minutes!


3-4 Zucchini (Depending on size)

2 Lean Chicken Breast

Pint of Pink Himalayan Salt

Black Pepper

Green Onions



MCT oil (optional) - For KETO dieters

Olive Oil

Cousins Creole Tomato

Cooking Directions

Heat oven to 350. Get a frying pan (the is also oven safe) and coat it with a tbls of olive oil using a paper towel to cover the pan. Heat the pan on the stove on Medium High while you prepare the chicken. Take the Chicken Breast and coat with Olive Oil or MCT oil if your on KETO. Season chicken with a pinch or two of Pink Himalayan Salt and black pepper. Cut of 3-4 mushrooms in slices. Put a Tbls of Ghee (or butter if your not on KETO) in your healted pan and once it melts add your chicken breast to the pan. Grilled on both sides a until get side if browned. Add mushrooms to pan and slide you pan into the heated oven for 15 mins. While waiting cut up your green onions and set them in a small bowl to the side. Get you Noodle Slicer or a Potato Peeler if you do not have a "Noodler Slicer". Slice down all of the Zucchinis, making sure to cook both ends off before slicing. Take another pan and cook the slices(zucchini noodles) down in some oil olive and sprinkled with some salt and black pepper. until they are soft, basically sauteing them down. add noodles to a service dish of your choice. When chicken is down, slice breast and add to the top of noodles. Then drizzle your Cousins Creole Tomato across the top, finishing it off with you diced green onions.


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